Upright Stand 1200mm


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The Black Carbon modular upright stand system 1200mm. 

    • Modular Target system, customise your own way.

    • Stand vertical posts are made from Bisalloy® 500 Hardened Steel - wont damage if shot (FAQ information to make targets last longer)

    • Breaks down into easily transportable components.

    • Quick to assemble and disassemble.

    • Made in Australia!

Black Carbon Target Systems are modular, simple to reconfigure and change to create your preferred target system. 

The Black Carbon upright stand is manufactured from a mixture of Bisalloy® 500 (also referred to as Bis500) and 5mm steel sections for extremely long life and excellent impact resistance.

All Black carbon vertical post supports are made from Bis500 and can sustain multiple impacts without damage or weakening. They are angled to provide a low amount of refraction deviation, keeping ricochets heading downrange.

If target is reconfigured by add on options, care must be taken to limit target weight if using at 1800mm height, especially in the forward angle position. 

This Upright stand kit can be used at 1200mm, or 600mm. By purchasing another single 900mm vertical post this stand can be configured to 1500mm. Bisalloy® 500 armoured skins are also available for the base cross beam, these create a safer, more durable and stable stand.

The 1200mm Upright Target System includes: 

- 1, Bisalloy 500 post, 1200mm long (total 1.2m) 

- 1 Base kit (centre crossbeam base & 2 legs).

- 1 Target head mount Bracket.


Note: Does not include target


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