Heavy Duty Hanging Stand System - Bisalloy 500


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 The Heavy Duty Hanging Stand System 

      • Black Carbon hanging stand is modular, simply add on build more target systems!
      • Made from Bisalloy® 500 to ensure your frame protected from projectiles - extended service life
      • Easy and quick to assemble - only need a 18mm deep socket wrench
      • Holds very heavy targets - Extremely robust
      • Can shoot the frame without damage! (view info)
      • Breaks down into modules for easy transportation


The heavy duty hanging stand is made to be indestructible against nearly all calibres. Made from Bisalloy 500 hardened steel, this frame is designed to hold extremely heavy targets and bear the impact of projectiles.

Suitable for Long distance shooting, the hanging system can be used in a 90 degree angle or used in a forward angle depending on terrain.

For the ultimate stand protection, we also offer a inner leg armour kit that enhances leg / protection and increases base weight even further. 

All targets by Black Carbon are manufactured in Australia and meet our strict quality control guidelines making Black Carbon your #1 choice for steel shooting targets. 


The Hanging Stand System Includes:

- 2 - Leg target stand

- 2 - Upper post bracket weldment - left and right

- 1 - Bisalloy® 500 Horizontal beam target mount weldment

- 2 - Clamping plates

- 2 - Hanging chain kits - Short ( 10 link )

- 8 - flange Nyloc nuts - standard metric M12

- 2 Bisalloy® 500 Stand posts 1200 Long



Note: The hanging Stand also includes standard two chain kits. 

Note: Hanging Stand does NOT include Silhouette Target ( As shown in image )

NOTE: The Hanging stand is not intended as a pistol use target, minimum safe usage distance is 150 meters.

Price includes GST 



This target is considered to be a "Dynamic Mounting target" Please click to view information on Semi Static and Dynamic Mounting target systems





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