8mm 50% Scale NRA Metallic Animal Silhouette Set


The Black Carbon 50% Scale NRA Metallic Animal Silhouettes are an extremely popular discipline suitable for a wide range of calibre.

Suitable to rifles and pistols, the 8mm 1/2 scale NRA Metallic Steel Silhouette Set includes: 1 x Ram, 1 x Turkey, 1 x Pig, 1 x Chicken.

Silhouette competition shooting is a challenging & fun sport with a great history originating in Mexico in 1940. The goal of the game is to knock as many silhouettes down as possible; competitions are done with both rifle and pistol. 

The Long Range Pistol Metallic Silhouette match course of fire involves Chickens at 50m, Pigs at 100m, Turkeys at 150m and Rams at 200m.

Our animal silhouettes are made from high quality, certified Australian made Bisalloy 500 steel, base plate welds are non exposed to remove any risk of ramping ricochet.


EACH SET INCLUDES: 1 x Ram, 1 x Turkey, 1 x Pig, 1 x Chicken (4 animal silhouettes in total)



  • 8mm Bisalloy 500 - use up to 1,500 ft/lbs of energy at impact / 2,750 FPS Max at impact
  • Ram Size & Weight: 338mm tall      - 4.2kg
  • Turkey Size & Weight: 291mm Tall   - 3.8kg
  • Pig Size & Weight: 182mm Tall        - 3.4kg
  • Chicken Size & Weight: 142mm tall - 3.1kg



  • 100 % Australian Made from Australian made Material
  • Quality assured - Bisalloy® 500
  • 100% satisfaction - Guaranteed to live up to rating! (See FAQ page for more information)
  • Features Bisalloy 500 bottom plate to ensure durability & safety 
  • Welds are placed non exposed to remove risk of ramping ricochet (spal or frag return)


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