Steel Target Mounting Chain Kit - 10 link Short


Black Carbon Target Chain Kit - Short - 10 link


The Black Carbon Target Chain Kit is an Add-on item used for most of the target stand systems. 

Most target systems either include one or two chain kits such as the Hanging Stand, however when creating and building your own target system with our modular components, the chain kit is an extremely important part of ensuring that your target plates are property supported. 

Whether you use a target on its own without a frame, the chain kit can be hung on just about anything with the right support.

Each and every component included in the chain kit is vital for a number of reasons including adding extended life to the targets.

The steel spacers for example help the target plate to excrete the vibrational force of projectiles.

Vibrations caused by projectiles hitting the target travel faster through the Bisalloy® 500 steel as it is a solid piece ( the molecules are closer together than for example, air) when adding a spacer such as the one included in this kit, the vibration / energy is mitigated or also referred to as "vibration isolation" the force is decreased as a result of the rubber "dulling" the energy.

This process helps to decrease the stress put upon the target and thus making it last even longer. 

The Target Chain Kit by Black Carbon is a fundamental piece to add to any and all shooting target plates. 




  • 10 link 8mm galvanised chain
  • Solid Steel Spacer
  • Washers
  • Cup Head Bolts
  • Nyloc Hex flange nuts
  • D-Shackles 

Note: Chains are used in the Hammer Head and Hanging stand. 

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