ARP V2 - Auto Reset Mini Popper by Black Carbon


ARP V2 - Auto Reset Mini Popper



  • Designed to provide a smooth steady reward drop on impact.
  • Industry leading, pivot through spherical roller bearing design.
  • Bisalloy 500 target plates and front strike for ultimate durability.
  • Mechanical linear coil spring design for greatest simplicity and reliability.
  • Industry leading lowest energy input requirements for reaction.
  • Usable to +/- 5 degrees of ground level from horizontal.
  • Adjustable spring preload to tune for best possible reaction.


Building on the success of our ARP Classic system, our new V2 range was not refined to be made cheaper, it was refined to be made as, the best.

Quite simply, the new V2 range are the best mechanical reaction, auto reset popper's in the world. A statement we don't make lightly, a statement we thoroughly stand by.  

ARP V2's are primarily designed for shooters wanting an integrated target/support system that reacts when hit.

One of the difficulties experienced by long-range shooters is hit recognition at extended ranges, distances where audible and visual confirmation can be often ambiguous. The ARP V2 has been further refined for the absolute lowest possible energy inputs required to effect target actuation. 

The V2 system is also excellent for short-range shooters, CQB training requirements and safe design methodology have brought about the unique shape of the V2's rear taper chassis. 

The system is purely mechanical, its reaction relies on the impact energy of projectiles to drop the target, then, through spring counterbalance the target will reset.
Unlike most spring return popper systems, we utilize a linear drawn coil spring for vastly improved smoothness, reliability and target reaction rates.

An oversize Bisalloy 500 front strike plate protects the mechanics of the system, it’s thickness determined by the system you select (8mm or 12mm).
The system chassis is constructed from 5mm mild steel, folds are all gusset reinforced and a 5mm upper face plates are added for additional protection from frag and spall on projectile impact.

System tension is easily adjusted and locked by two-rear wing nuts. The system's tension can be reduced for storage and transport. For the highest degree of durability, all system bolts are M12 stainless cup heads including target-retaining bolts.


SPECIAL NOTE: The two pegs supplied with the ARP system are purely for the purpose of maintaining system position during use. In some video's/presentations it may appear the system has a tendency to tip forward, this is absolutely not the case.

The rear of the system must be allowed to lift, this is how we brake the energy of target return. The pegs must not be driven in all the way, they are only required for maintaining system position/orientation.

SPECIAL NOTE 2: The V2 system is designed to use the most minimal spring tension required. When adjusting the spring tension, only wind on enough tension to effect reliable target reset. (Usually 1-2 full turns past target "neutral" or 45 degree self balance). This setting is very quick and easy to achieve and will offer best system performance.


The ARP V2 Mini Popper is available in two variants: 8mm system and 12mm system.

The two systems utilize different springs and eyebolt lengths to compensate for weight differences between 8mm and 12mm targets.
Conversion between the two systems is possible and we make components available for this.


Two target styles are also available: All target plates are Bisalloy 500.

  • P/N: 400007 - 8mm Mini, (IPSC mini popper 200mm target ball area).  - weight: 28kg

  • P/N: 400043 - 8mm Large, (300mm target ball area).  -  weight: 29kg

  • P/N: 400008 - 12mm Mini, (IPSC mini popper 200mm target ball area). -  weight: 32kg

  • P/N: 400044 - 12mm Large, (300mm target ball area).  -  weight: 34kg


Click HERE to download calibre recommendations. 

Click HERE to download ARP Popper instructions.





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