MIL Splatter Adhesive Sight-In Target 5 Per Pack



The only accurate and specifically designed MIL Adhesive Shooting Target.


      • Designed Specifically for MIL scopes.
      • High visibility sight - in target - Easy to see reticle lines against bright white background
      • Fluorescent Orange reactive colour when hit
      • Large size - Great for long distance shooting
      • 7 Target "zones" per sheet
      • Designed and Made in Australia 


The Black Carbon MIL Adhesive target is the ultimate for sighting in or perfecting your shooting skills.

Water resistant, self adhesive, durable and Australian made, these MIL Adhesive stickers have been designed to help refine your accuracy by providing useful and repeatable points of aim.

The target is used to zero in / or sighting in. This is the process of aligning the scope / sights on your rifle so you can accurately aim at your target from a set distance.


The Black Carbon Mil Abbreviation Key: 

U0.2 = UP 0.2 MIL        @ 100 METRES

D0.2 = DOWN 0.2 MIL  @ 100 METRES 

L0.2 = LEFT 0.2 MIL     @ 100 METRES

R0.2 = RIGHT 0.2 MIL  @ 100 METRES 

Each Pack includes 5 HUGE Targets

Technical Specification:

Size: 330 x 500 
Each MIL Grid Equals 0.2 MIL ( 20.00mm)  at 100 Metres

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