Individual 12mm Paddle


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Black Carbon Paddles are available in Individual sizes of Small, Medium and Large in 8mm or 12mm thick.

Paddles are used in the Dueling Tree, or Shoot No Shoot Systems.

When hit, the paddles flip from side to side giving instant feedback of a hit.
These paddles provides a rewarding challenge for speed and accuracy at practical pistol distances or can be used at medium or long distance with a rifle. 

These 12mm thick paddles are made from Bisalloy 500 hardened steel.

The paddles are sold individually as either replacements or to simply change existing sizes to create more of a challenge and increase your skill level.


Available Paddle Sizes:

Small: 100mm Diameter

Medium: 125mm Diameter

Large: 150mm Diameter 

Thickness: 12mm 


Note: Paddles are available un-painted. 

View FAQ for information on shooting distances.




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