Free Standing "IVO" Target Stand by Black Carbon


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Free Standing target base "The Ivo" has been created to ensure shooters are safer when shooting in close proximity to steel support stands especially in IPSC,  Western action or IDPA style shooting.

The "Ivo" is also an excellent base for medium to long range shooters wanting a target support base that doesn't require hammering into ground.

The stand is engineered to be base heavy, weighing in at 17kg dry. It sits low and if unintentionally hit will refract projectiles with a shallow angle to prevent high angle skyward travel.

It's wide splayed front allows safer engagement from a wider frontal range giving decent compensation for any shooting position error. It's angled legs can be easily scrubbed into uneven ground for increased stability eliminating any rocking effect.

The "Ivo" features a four bolt rear mount panel, the two outer bolt stations are supplied from factory fitted with bolts, washes and wing nuts that capture the rear clamp plate. The additional bolt mounts are for future release products that make the "Ivo" an even more versatile target base.


The modular system includes:

- Free standing "Ivo" Base

- Two bolts and spring washes (Fitted to outer stations)

- Two wing nuts, two flat washes and single beam clamp plate.



- The Ivo is E-coated. To Maintain the aesthetics of your stand and/or to repaint after use View Preparation and painting guide here

- Bolts are wing nut fitted and can be tightened by hand.

- Wooden posts and cardboard target are not included, recommended timber size is 42mm x 18mm, various size lengths available at all hardware stores.

- In extreme winds depending on target size and height additional weight may be necessary. We recommend using only sandbags as additional weight packages.

Paper and adhesive targets can be found here

Product Specifications can be found here

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